Buddha Statue
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Buddha Statue Description

Buddha Statue – Game Ready is a low poly model and uses the metalness PBR workflow and includes 4096×4096 testures.
Model was rendered in 3ds Max with V-Ray (that support PBR textures). Some images was rendered in Unreal Engine 4.16 and Unity 5.6 (watermark with the logo of the engine).

Intended for game or real time use, but have enough details to be used as background element, in design visualisation or film.

3D Model

Model was not intended for subdivision. Clean topology and no N-Gons. No visible UV stretching or obvious seams. No isolated vertices, coincident vertices, no coincident faces. No poles with more than 5 connecting edges.
Model created in real world size, dimensions 335cm x 162cm x 168cm.
Buddha Statue model it is only one object without any subobjects. No LODs included (Unreal Engine is capable to create his own LODs).
This 3d model has non-overlapping lightmap UVs in the UV2 channel and is ready for lightmap baking in real-time engines.

Textures and Materials

The Normal, Occlusion and other textures was baked using a high mesh created in ZBrush (the high mesh not included).
Buddha Statue model uses 1 material, but two different materials are included. One material with a marble looks and one with a weathering stone looks.

For 3ds Max includes 6 files for each material (4096×4096 .TIFF)

  • Diffuse
  • Glossiness
  • Height
  • IOR
  • Normal
  • Reflection

For Unreal Engine 4 includes 3 files for each material (4096×4096 .PNG)

  • BaseColor
  • Normal
  • Occlusion/Roughness/Metallic (all 3 maps packaged together)

For Unity includes 3 files for each material (4096×4096 .PNG)

  • Albedo
  • Normal
  • MetallicSmoothness (Unity 5 Standard Shader Packed)


3ds Max file not include any light and camera, only the model.
For Unreal Engine unzip the file called Olmec_Statue_UE4. The Unreal download includes a folder structure, drop Buddha_Statue folder into your Content folder. The Unreal files were created in 4.16.
For Unity just import the unity package file. The Unity file is a .unitypackage, generated in Unity 5.6.
All textures, both for Unreal Engine and for Unity, can be found in separate archives.
The FBX file is pre-triangulated and has non-overlapping lightmap UVs in the UV2.
Are also included a .OBJ file and a .3DS file.

For any help regarding this file, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll be glad to help.

Enjoy it.

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