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TINYhr company creates a process that demystifies HR and performance reviews so that it's truly a year round process that is pain-free and fair. So no more cramming at the end of the year. They want both the reviewer and reviewee to be in process of mutual respect that is easy to use throughout the year.

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Core Value Financial Advice is a financial advice firm. They work with clients in the age bracket from 40 - 70. Core Value Financial Advice develop financial advice strategies, sell financial advice. They solve financial planning problems. Core Value are not investment managers. Core Value Financial Advice make complex financial situations easy. Eg, how can I best restructure my investments to maximise my retirement income. How will I afford to retire.

Virtual Venue TV

Virtual Venue broadcasting company that streams live events via video all over the world.. Virtual Venue is about tapping into passion and broadcasting events of some of the worlds most respected artists. Virtual Venue broadcast everything from music to comedy events and allow everyone with a website to rebroadcast content live stationery makes it simple to piece together your perfect trip! provides its users with a simple way to plan international trips with their friends. logo makes it simple to piece together your perfect trip! provides its users with a simple way to plan international trips with their friends. While booking flights and accommodation is relatively simple when you have all the details, getting to the point where you know all the details of your trip can be difficult, especially when you have many destinations and are trying to meet up with people in foreign lands.

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Goed Genoeg (dutch for: Good Enough) is a startup in the Netherlands. The initiators have worked as freelancers for years. They liked to be self-employed. But as financial specialists they wondered why there are no affordable disability insurance in the Netherlands. Many freelancers complain about it: a common disability insurance is very expensive (hundreds of euros every month). This is the reason why more than 50% of the Dutch freelancers (self employed professionals) are not insured at the moment.

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AgeIV is a medical scientific research group, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They research group is a part of the University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Center and CPCD Foundation (Center for Poverty-related Communicable Diseases).

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Crown Enterprises is known as a Trusted Advisor to its clients. Crown Enterprises provide Technology solutions via hardware, software, and service to their clients. They design solutions that fit their clients needs and service them ongoing.

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Epi - logo proposal. Epi is a manufacturer's rep agency, who sells directly to electrical wholesale distribution in the construction market. Target audience for Epi would be electrical distributors, electrical contractors, and manufacturers of electrical products.

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Vital Formulas is a health supplement entrepreneur.

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Quantum Learning Education division is a leading provider of training programs for teachers, school/district administrators, and students across the U.S. Quantum Learning Education programs help teachers teach more dynamically and effectively, while inspiring and motivating students to want to excel in school and life.