TINY hr stationary

Objective for TINY hr company is to solve this problem. TINY hr want positive associations with HR. When people see the logo, we want them to think easy, fast, and simple. No more wading through entry or forms after forms.

Core Value Financial Advice stationary

Core Value Financial Advice is a financial advice firm. They work with clients in the age bracket from 40 - 70. Financial Advice develop financial advice strategies, sell financial advice. They solve financial planning problems. Financial Advice are not investment managers. Core Value Financial Advice make complex financial situations easy. Eg, how can I best restructure my investments to maximize my retirement income. How will I afford to retire.

Crown Enterprises business stationery

Crown Enterprises target audiences are Medical Practices, Engineering Firms, Law Firms, etc. They want to communicate a quality service they can trust that separates itself from the rest of the competition. Their clients don't expect the cheepest solution and are willing to pay for quality. stationery makes it simple to piece together your perfect trip! provides its users with a simple way to plan international trips with their friends.