makes it simple to piece together your perfect trip! provides its users with a simple way to plan international trips with their friends.

While booking flights and accommodation is relatively simple when you have all the details, getting to the point where you know all the details of your trip can be difficult, especially when you have many destinations and are trying to meet up with people in foreign lands. Simply enter the generalities of your trip (e.g. I want to go to Athens, Mykonos, Munich and London), and will suggest flights, accommodation, activities and dates. If your friends are also planning trips, will help you to modify your plans so you can meet up with them as easily as possible.

Their target audience is people in their 20’s and early 30’s, for whom travel is one of their top priorities in life. They are largely either young professionals looking to make the most of their yearly holiday quota, or students trying to make the most of the gaps in their study. audience travels for a lot of different reasons, be it to experience new cultures, to get perspective on their life, to party, to find love (even if it only lasts a night!), but the one thing they all share is a desire to experience new things and have a great time doing it. They are looking for an adventure. They also spend a lot of time thinking about travel (“the only time I’m not thinking about travel is when I’m travelling – and even then I’m half planning my next adventure!”).

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