Goed Genoeg (dutch for: Good Enough) is a startup in the Netherlands. The initiators have worked as freelancers for years. They liked to be self-employed. But as financial specialists they wondered why there are no affordable disability insurance in the Netherlands.
Many freelancers complain about it: a common disability insurance is very expensive (hundreds of euros every month). This is the reason why more than 50% of the Dutch freelancers (self employed professionals) are not insured at the moment.

Goed Genoeg wants to change this. They develop a new kind of insurance. Very simple. Without all kinds of difficult rules and regulations. They provide a simple but fair benefit. It is good enough. And thats the reason why its affordable for every freelancer.

Their target audience are freelancers, independent professionals. These people are specialists who love their work: they do the work they want to do. Not the work they have to do They are inspired, hard working and they depend on their online and offline social network. They do not like financial products. But they know that some kind of insurances (like the disability insurance) is important.

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