AgeIV is a medical scientific research group, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They research group is a part of the University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Center and CPCD Foundation (Center for Poverty-related Communicable Diseases).

AgeIV starting a study about comorbidity (additional diseases) and aging in HIV-infected patients. This study will start in October 2011. Approximately 800 HIV-positive patients and 600 HIV-negative individuals (this is the control group) will be enrolled in the study. They will undergo an extensive testbattery to investigate different organs and organ systems.

The test battery includes blood and urine analysis, lung function test, EKG, bone mineral density scan, length, weight, blood pressure, memory/cognitive function, depression, quality of life, work participation and several experimental devices such as the AGEreader (measures aging in the skin) and the arteriograph (measures elasticity of the blood vessels). After two years these measurements will be repeated. The study period will initially be 4 years, but they are hoping to continue the measurements in this cohort for a longer period of time.

Their hypothesis is that HIV-infected people age differently or faster than non-infected people. This is why they chose the study name “AgeIV”.

The logo for this study will be seen by patients, study participants, physicians, municipal health organizations and HIV-patient associations. The logo will also appear in scientific journals and publications and international conferences.

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